What after class 10th

Class 10th is one of the life-changing class. The students feel exhausted by the haunting question "What you gonna do after 10th" probably asked by teachers, relatives and of course oneself. The students find it difficult to go for the course after class 10th. Which is a bit natural for the students to get confused about the course to opt. Some of the students have decided but some are still in the dilemma of what to do. It is important to have a clear plan about the ambition and the smooth passage from school life to technical life. Finally, the boards are complete and you have to choose your stream i.e. a dream carer. Some students don't possess the in-depth knowledge of the particular stream. Students waste hundreds of their precious hours exploring about the courses and their scopes in order to save their time here I will discuss all the courses and the future ahead.

Class 10th



This is the most important problem faced by the student i.e. you have to choose a stream with the particular set of subjects. Basically, there are three choices i.e. Humanities, Commerce and, Science. There are other professional courses also available which are explained in detail below. The problem is once you have opted one of the streams you cannot take a back step you have to be with the stream with the whole life which makes this the important decision. Along with being a very important decision, it is also a difficult decision to take, especially in today’s scenario. Today, students are faced with numerous options and several courses all of which look almost equally interesting. This wide range of courses is boon as well as the bane. Courses available today has further complicated the decision making the process for the students. Students today have far more options available to them as compared to the ones a few years back. The competition has reached to its greatest extent which has made the decision complicated and treacherous. Students need to sit for their board exams as well as the student has to explore about the upcoming hurdles and destinies.

An Important Decision-

This decision is an important one because you will be living the rest of your life with this decision. The course you go for, the subjects you study and many more. The right choice will lead you to the glorious life whereas the wrong decision will call your halt. The right decision will reward you with a beautiful carer whereas the wrong decision will end up your precious time. Because there is a little scope of changing your choice.

How to Choose-

  1. Your Performance, Ambition, Interest, and Passion- These words are very easy to discuss verbally but in reality, these are haunting and treacherous as well. The most important thing you must consider is your dream. The thing you have dreamt of should be the first preference to be given. But the dreaming should not be day-dreaming it should be self-taking. One should have a strong desire to achieve the goal. The next comes your performance in the subject. This is the case where most of the students fail. They dream above the heights and regret whole life. Your performance in the subject should be up to the mark. And the performance comes from interest. You can notice from your personal experience i.e. your score will be maximum in your favorite subject. Which is natural. You study the subject feasibly, confidently and attentively. You grasp it as food and connect it to your daily life. Which further becomes your passion. Sometimes the parents pressurize the student to go for a trendy course just for their status which creates a fuss in the student's mind. Please note that you have to go on a long runway having interest in the subject will never let you down.
  2. Carer, Future, and correct exposure- The major thing is the carer which you want to pursue. Having the crystal clarity will cleanse your mind and will remove some of the choices available. Because it restricts you to the right path and stream. Second, comes the exposure you possess about the stream. You must possess in-depth knowledge of the subjects to be carried. You must be known about the carer options offered after class 12th and 10th. You must be known about all the pros and cons of the stream you are going for.


10th streams


  • Science- It is the most chosen stream. There are further two choices Science with biology i.e. Medical science and other is Science with Mathematics commonly known as Non-Medical. Students study the main subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and, Biology. The stream is most lucrative as most of the further job opportunities come for science students. Every year nearly 60% of students opt for science. Science stream is one of the trendy and of course a technical stream. 
  • Arts/Humanities- It is not one of the most chosen streams but still there are exciting job opportunities for humanities student. A Student is offered subject such as English, Hindi, History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sanskrit, and Sociology, for the higher secondary level. But one has to opt for four compulsory subjects in addition to English and a Modern Indian Language. If you are interested to pursue a career in Mass Media, Journalism, Literature, Languages, Sociology, Social Service, Human Psychology, History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Human Resources, Economics and history this course is apt for you.
  • Commerce-  The stream is getting fame day by day as the job offerings are increasing. The two main subjects of this stream are Business Studies and Accountancy which every student has to study and other two subjects are optional. Students can choose from Math, Statistics, Economics, to History, Geography, Political Science, etc. for those two additional subjects. The courses for which students can apply after Commerce stream are B.Com, BBA, BMS, BBM, CFA, CA, ICWA, CFP etc.

Other professional courses

  • Indian Army: After matriculation, one can join in Indian Army to the posts of soldiers in technical trade through written exams.
  • Indian Navy: Job opportunities are available in Indian Navy as Dock Yard Apprentices, Sailors, etc. on the basis of written examination.
  • Police Force: On the basis of physical test and written test, one can join as constable (tradesmen) in Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).
  • Polytechnic Courses- Students having Polytechnic diploma courses can get admission into the second year of technical degree courses through entrance exam. The subjects which the students will learn in polytechnic will also be in Engineering and they can complete their Engineering course with less expenditure. This course duration is three years after 10th.

To explore for the future opportunities after class 12th you can check my another article i.e. What next after Class 12

I hope this will help to choose your perfect choice.

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