Last Minute Tips for Physics Paper Class 12th CBSE Board

CBSE- Central Board Of Secondary Education Physics Paper 2019

CBSE Physics

As we all know, The annual exams of class 12th of Central Board of Secondary Education are held in the month of March. Its high time for the students to start up with their revisions of concepts and formulas. I know all the students will be a bit nervous, anxious and depressed for the upcoming exams especially the technical theory exams like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. I am here with some last minute tips for Physics paper for which the students are always confused about what to study, from where to study, and most importantly how to attempt the physics paper.

Follow the steps given below to score good in physics paper-

  • Study Important Concepts- At this stage, a student cannot revise the whole syllabus in these couple of days. so in order to score good students need to concentrate only on the important concepts. Noe the question arises what are important concepts, the answer to the question is the concepts which appear most often in the exams like from electrostatics one can study Gauss Law, Its proofs, questions of capacitance with dielectric, and most importantly the numerical.  From magnetism, one can study Ampere circuital Law, Lorentz Forces and the numerical. So these are some important topics which most often appears in the exam. No topic should be left from such topics and the topics can be known by your teacher or your understanding.


  • Don't commit the mistakes of leaving Small Chapters- This is the mistake that most often students commit. Small chapter means the chapter with less weight. These chapters do consume fewer marks but they do consume the marks. If you just read out these chapters you will come to know about the concepts and numerical. So don't leave these chapters. These chapters will enhance your score.


  • Work on the numerical part- Physics paper consists of tricky numerical. The student can feel difficulty while solving them in the exam hall. So in order to get rid of it, the student needs to practice some questions given in NCERT.


  • Go through last year paper- The previous paper exams are students friend. Actually previous year paper reveals the upcoming exam because of their lies a general trend in CBSE Physics paper which makes the upcoming paper predictable. You come to know about the Important topics which always appears in the exam. But the paper of 2018 was a bit challenging for the students. The students found a bit difficult in the paper as it was a bit tricky. So the previous year papers make the student comfortable with the tricky questions too.


  • Go through toppers sheet- Toppers sheet is beneficial for the student because it tells the student how to attempt the paper and how to write the answer. 

Follow the Steps below to have a good attempt in physics paper-

  • Write in Paragraphs- The student needs to write the long answers in short paragraphs as it would help the invigilator to check feasibly.


  • Write Definitions- In order to beautify your answer and if you want you to be awarded full marks then the student must mention all the definitions of various terms required in the exam.


  • Use Black pen- To enhance technical terms and to highlight the important point then the student can use the black pointed pen to underline it.

The students are advised to go through the official website of CBSE for new updates i.e. CBSE