How to prepare for class 12th CBSE Examination 2019

CBSE- Central Board of Secondary Examination will be conducting the yearly final board examination of class 12 of session 2018-2019 in the month of March 2019. The syllabus is already been posted on their official website. CBSE class 12th exams are the very important part of the student's life. These exams should be given by proper concentration and focus.

CBSEAs we all know that the CBSE i.e. Central Board of Secondary Education class 12th Datesheet will be updated soon on its official website. All the students need to brace up themselves and need to start their revision. Now the question to the students arises from where to start, which topic will be suitable to start with, which book to be preferred and many more questions like these. So this article will be helpful to them because it contains a lot of experience and knowledge.

Things to be undertaken while preparing for Board Examination-

  • Know your syllabus- The students should be very well known to their syllabus because this is a very important aspect. CBSE keep on updating their syllabus so one should be very well known with their upcoming syllabus. It is well said that knowing what to do is less important than what not to do. So students should undertake the syllabus and the updates by the board. Students can check syllabus here CBSE Website.


  • Know the paper pattern- The paper pattern is also of the same importance that of knowing the syllabus. The student should be very well known about the paper pattern like the number of short questions, the number of long questions and the total number of questions. As the maximum marks in each subject varies with the subject so accordingly the stream subjects the question pattern and the number of questions coming.


  • Know about the blueprint - The CBSE issues a certain chart containing the blue chart. Blueprint means the number of questions coming from each chapter. This is helpful to know the importance of chapter i.e. which one to focus most and preferred.  

How to prepare for the Exams-

  • Notes Making- The students need to focus on notes making i.e. writing the key points of every topic that is important. A student cannot study the whole chapter and concept a night before the exam so these notes will be helpful for them for quick revision. Some students know the process of notes making so they keep on continuing reading long chapters at the end days which is terrible. Notes making to jot down the important key points. This way a long chapter can be revised quickly a night before the exam which will be helpful for the students to recite every key point which can be written in the question paper.


  • Reading NCERT books-  National Council of Research and Training issue books i.e. NCERT books are of primary importance. Often students forget to study these books not considering their importance but later they realize their importance. Maximum of the question paper comes from the NCERT books all the concepts are discussed in this book. But the students refuse to study them. It is accepted fact that the NCERT doesn't contain such competitive questions which can appear as short questions in the paper but the long type questions and very long questions. In NCERT books the concepts are given precisely and accurately. And the exercise given at the back is very important because they appear every year in the question paper.


  • Reference Books- The students can also follow the reference books such as books issued by Arihant Publications. These books are made to attempt the typical competitive questions that are out of the syllabus. These books are specially designed containing summaries of every chapter, containing questionnaire of every chapter that is helpful for students mind practice for the final exam.


  • Previous year question paper-  The previous year paper is the most important. The student should be acquaintance with the previous year question paper. This helps them to know the pattern of the questions coming i.e. the questions coming in the paper become predictable reading the previous year question paper. The previous year question papers are available on the official website of CBSE. Students need to focus on the question paper deeply.

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